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Who Better Serves The Poor?

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6 Responses

  1. Bud says:

    Great post Marlene!

  2. Maureen anderson says:

    Your awareness and knowledge of the politicalscene are remarkable. Keep on
    Keeping us infirmed

  3. gale says:

    I warned people about Obama the first time.
    My friend’s daughter was at a NY college & Obama was a guest speaker. The crowd was applauding & cheering. She was in shock because all she hear was fascism! She phoned her mom & told her the scary situation… And my wallet is thinner & no change in equality for women in 8 yrs.
    But to rebuttle… part of the Repubs seem to be taking up Libertarianism!
    Bottomline… there needs to be poor for there to be wealthy… it just gets hard when you can’t keep printing money so everyone can have more… that, we all know, would ruin the whole game of Monopoly. A board game where my brother always won, and always was the banker doling out the money… turns out he was taking some for himself everytime someone else had money exchange with the bank… So he won because he controlled the money and cheated…. I see both sides as players in the game and the bank has become our incomes and savings.

  4. Michael Svoboda says:

    Love your 5 point summary. Much more meaningful then the 600 page D “Platform ” or the similarly confusing 500 page R “Platform”.

    If those righteous “leftists ” were really on the ball, they would figure out a way to improve their fellow man’s lot without the power of taxation.

    It’s much easier to eat the crop than plant and cultivate.

    • mar4joy says:

      Thanks Mike! I love your last line, “It’s much easier to eat the crop than plant and cultivate.” In fact, I think you could teach me a lot about blogging. Thanks again

  5. Paul says:

    Marlene, the Republicans won and are in charge, Why continue the outrage?? It is Easter….PEACE and LOVE are the answer! Something we learned on the farm about putting too many eggs in one basket also should help too moderate your outlook!

    Happy Easter to you and Vern.

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