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6 Responses

  1. Judy Mesjak says:

    Well explained. I want my kids and grandkids to see this. Keep writing. You might even get some people to think a little more about what life would be like under socialism,progressivism, or as it is known the democratic parties agenda.

  2. Paul Brandl says:

    Marlene, Marlene…. ( sounds like Martha, Martha…) It’s time for Moderation NOT “it’s time to be afraid!”. I was born and raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm where we practiced rugged individualism right along side cooperation and helping your neighbor…. husking bees and thrashing bees.

    Then I spent 40 years in Public Schools as a teacher. Like fireman, and policeman, think public service and GOVERNMENT funded and tax payer funded. Also, like National parks, and National highways, and social security and medicare! All things that have helped to make and KEEP AMERICA GREAT. Char and I even joined in to become a part of the social service community and became a licensed foster home….more tax payer funded. It expanded our wonderful family and made a difference for 11 other children.

    And, I do want OUR grandchildren to vote as informed citizens….fully informed.

    • mar4joy says:

      Hi Paul. I think I’ll stick with “it’s time to be afraid.” I too spent my early years on Grandma and Grandpa’s farm in Michigan that may be different than a Wisconsin farm. My Grandparents were also rugged individualists. I remember well Grandma cooking those midday meals for the thrashers – huge mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy, platters of fried chicken, bowls of vegetables, and cakes and pies for dessert – all done on a wood burning stove! I can recount stories of their compassion and generosity, but the countless stories came out of their love of God and their fellow man – not a government led mandate for collectivism. They helped each other because they loved each other – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It was a Christian thing to do.

      One example of many – The Faucett’s and their 13 children lived on a farm down the road. (We could discuss the responsibility of having so many children and not being able to clothe and feed them,) but I know what my family did for them at Christmas for many years while I was growing up. Aunt Norene, Aunt Marion, Aunt Ferne, Uncle Earl, Uncle Bob, and Bill (my father and their brother) took the children to the General Store in Beaverton to buy them coats, shoes and boots for the those whose clothes had been handed down to the younger ones – making sure that each of them were fitted for the winter. Then on Christmas Eve after we celebrated, we would sneak into their home and put toys and other presents under their tree. This we did because we wanted to – not because it was government mandated or funded!

      I’d love to hear your theory on “MODERATION.’ Does that mean that you want more of our tax payer money to support even more programs than Washington does now? I realize that we have tax payer funded services like public schooling, firemen, policeman, etc. But incidentally, Paul, that’s OUR money – not the Government’s money – THEIR MONEY IS OURS! At the same time we can’t ignore the unfunded liabilities these services have run up that seriously strain municipal and state authorities. A large part of Detroit’s bankruptsy was 3.5 Billion dollars in unfunded pension liablilites. Chicago is well on their way with the same kind of unfunded pension liabilities.

      (I think there is a huge difference between cooperation and collectivism – cooperation does not negate an Individual’s action or identity.)

      • paul brandl says:

        Great life stories Marlene. But those children deserved better. All children deserve loving parents and proper health care. Do you really believe that the United States, much less the world, could (would) meet the needs of the poor and disabled with donations from good hearted neighbors and generous disciples of the Lord???? Many of our very best programs need gov’t assistance to carry out the work
        of the Lord….

        Certainly, Char and I needed the $$$ assistance to take in the foster children. And, foster care (like many gov’t programs) is the best way to save the children and in the case of the Steffen girls, provide 7 working, tax paying citizens….5 of them college grads. WOW! Our tax dollars well invested.

        PLEASE, do not hold up only the bad examples and say it doesn’t work. I consider my self a good parent, but if my children get together and make a list of my 10 worst actions as a parent, it would look pretty bad.

        Maybe we can also look at the budget deficit and see who ran that up with tax cuts and unfunded wars??? There are seven deadly sins…. SLOTH is one, GREED is another.


        • mar4joy says:

          I think the difference in relation to “those children deserving better” belongs to the word entitlement versus compassion and generosity (charity.) Since 1964 the United States Governments (Federal and State) have transferred trillions of dollars from the middle class and the rich to the poor. And there are those who want to transfer more and more – equal share- redistribution of wealth! Are the poor better off today or have they become more enslaved and dependent on government? We can reform entitlements without baseline cuts and without breaking our commitment to the nation’s seniors, people with disabilities, and the poor. The sooner we make these changes, the less severe they will have to be.

          I wish to believe that you and Char would have taken in all the foster children because it was a Christian thing to do – out of charity – not because the government funded the program.

          I don’t think I held “up only the bad examples…”? Not sure of which you speak?

          And your children’s list of your 10 worst actions as a parent would look rather BLANK! Certainly I admire you and your family and I hope you know that. Politically you and I are at different ends of the spectrum, but I love you and yours.

          Oh boy…”Maybe we can also look at the budget deficit and see who ran that up with tax cuts and unfunded wars??? There are seven deadly sins…. SLOTH is one, GREED is another.” Although I agree that the deficit is a product of both parties, I need to remind you that it is Obama who will have run up the national debt to 20 Trillion by the time he leaves office. When Bush took office the national debt was 5.73 Trillion which became 10.63 Trillion when he left office = an addition of 4.9 Trillion to the debt. On the other hand – Obama’s 20 Trillion – Bush’s 10.63 Trillion = 9.37 Trillions (nearly double Bush’s national debt. Whether or not you approve of the “unfunded wars” waged – Bush kept us safe.

          What do we have for that 9.37 Trillion that Obama has added to the national debt – except Obamacare that is near committing suicide all by itself. According to a forecast by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, taxpayers will have to shell out an estimated $18 billion more to subsidize Obamacare in 2016 despite lower than expected enrollment in the health care exchanges. Wow!

          Biblically speaking, I don’t think you will find much about the government providing entitlement programs. I remember during the 2012 election campaign, a woman saying, “Vote for Obama. He gives us free phones.” Really?!?? Is a phone a God given right – please excuse my greed, but I think not! Entitlements are not God given, but taking care of the poor and needy through the family, through the church, and through individual charity are.


  3. Paul says:

    ” what focus on bad examples”??? Read your last paragraph. And you choose to believe that we could (would) have chosen to be foster parents without gov’t support….with 4 children of our own and living on a teacher salary…maybe NOT!

    Our experiences, have built our beliefs and they are very hard to change!


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