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Who’s Really Waging the War on Women?

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  1. Vern Diedrick says:


  2. Mary McLeod says:

    Another fantastic article, Marlene. Too many people are drinking the Kool Aid of this progressive movement. Every Democratic candidate has Socialist ties. Hillary, there’s no doubt….besides being a corrupt, lying crook. Bernie Sanders admits to being Socialist. Biden’s first meeting when he started thinking about becoming a candidate was with Elizabeth Warren, another self-professed Socialist. I, too, fear for our country. And it’s not just the progressives…..where have the Republicans been the past 8 years???? We gave them an overwhelming mandate 3 years ago but nothing has changed. Almost everyone in DC needs to leave. Keep writing my friend. You have a wonderful writing style and great words of wisdom. Wish you had a larger platform.

  3. Thanks, Mary. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your second sentence reminded me that I have a blog in progress about the history behind the progressive movement. I didn’t finish it because i realize that I’m preaching to the choir on that issue. The larger platform you speak of is my goal-haven’t figured out how to reach the younger and low information voters yet. I know that most of my readers know the progressive movement history, but too many others out there think that the word progressive is a synonym for all things good. If you have any ideas of how to reach that larger platform, please tell me. Thanks again, Marlene

  4. Paul. Brandl says:

    Marlene. Somehow the feeling tone in your remarks does not seem to encourage “discussion” ! I do have some things to say about the topic of War on Women from the perspective of a father with a professional wife and five daughters. I’m not sure where to start when you are angry? I certainly believe in strong family values, as you do, but like Hillary, I find some differences with a number of the conservative Republican candidates. Is there any room for discussion?

    • Of course, Paul, there is always room for discussion. As you and I have discussed before – we are products of our experiences. I write from my experiences. Remember the provocation for writing this blog: Hillary comparing Republicans to Terrorists because they want to defund Planned Parenthood and making fun of stay-at-home mothers baking cookies. I acknowledged that there are many working mothers who are and have raised great families (and among those I certainly count you and yours), but that is not always the case. Can you deny any of the facts and figures that I list since the great Women’s Liberation movement began? I don’t think these speak well for strong family values. That’s my point. I will look forward to your “differences with a number of the conservative Republican candidates”- I haven’t decided yet who I would like to lead our country.

  5. Paul Brandl says:

    Marlene, I do not deny any of the “facts” and or figures you identify…. but as I have said many times as a science teacher correlation is NOT causation. That applies to some degree to each of your points. As far as differences with a number of conservative candidates, I start with our own Walker and extend my disapproval to any candidate that has come out against Planned Parenthood. Something like 3% of what Planned Parenthood does has to do with abortions (of which I disapprove). I believe that PP and the services it provides through education and contraception does more to reduce abortions than any other single effort!

    • You’re absolutely right, Paul-correlation is NOT causation. I merely pointed to the sweeping social changes since the Women’s Liberation Movement. It’s hard to nail down causation conclusively; even the tobacco company lawyers who argued for forty years that smoking merely “correlated” to lung cancer rather than causing it, couldn’t. Women deserve comprehensive healthcare, but from ethical clinics that care more about women and their children than their bottom line. There are more that 9000 Community Health Centers in the U.S. versus 700 Planned Parenthood (PP) clinics. In Madison alone there are far more Community Health Centers funded by the federal government than PP clinics-not to even count all the Catholic charitable agencies and their pregnancy help centers. PP performed 327,653 abortions last year according to If PP is defunded there are plenty more options. There was a time in our country when PP played a role in providing women with medical services that otherwise were not available to people who had no insurance, but all that should be irrelevant if ACA, plus expanded Medicaid, is meant to guarantee health coverage for all.

  6. Paul. Brandl says:

    Marlene. I have done some research on your position that 9,000 other cliniics are available to take over for PlannedParenthood. Fox News had 2 anchors (reporters) Gerri Willis and Eric Bolling and the CEO of Concerned Women for America all support your position. But, I also found many sources that disagree. Gutmarcher Instiitute on Aug 14 wrote in detail why this was NOT true. Dr. Stephanie Taylor, Louisiana State Medical Officer,wrote in the New York Times, why this was NOT true. Sen. Sue Collins(R -Maine) wrote in July that she intended to oppose defunding PP because PP was the primary women’s health care service in many parts of her state. I found three more sources that challenged what Fox and reported…. I just cannot agree with you on this issue.

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