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Dear Grandchildren – History You Should Know

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7 Responses

  1. Michael Svoboda says:

    A useful cogent summary.

    I also enjoyed the alms down memory lane…standing on Woodward Ave waiting for the bus to downtown and watching the thunder of newly produced half tracks on Woodward heading for deployment some where in the world.

    …and the oleo ! My tiny 5 year old hands were no match for that orange dot in the rock hard oleo. I don’t know why it was not just eaten white…..

  2. Char Brandl says:

    Great history lesson. Since I grew up north of the border in Wisconsin, I have memories of driving just far enough south so we could stock up on oleo (yes, with that little orange dot) – Here in the Dairy State we could only buy the real thing! Being the pacifist that I am, I have always struggled with the rationale for what we did in August, 1945, to Japan. I DO remember my mom (a staunch FDR Democrat) saying it was probably necessary to prevent even greater loss of life. These will never be easy issues to deal with – or problems to solve!

    • I’m so curious why you drove to stock up on oleo? As for you being a pacifist – I agree somewhat. I wish that the hands of time could be turned back and the atomic bomb had never been developed, but on the other hand I am glad we aren’t speaking Japanese. What I do know from living in Japan’s next door neighbor, South Korea, is that the culture is such that there would have never been any unconditional surrender. And we agree once again, “These will never be easy issues to deal with – or problems to solve!”

  3. Char Brandl says:

    Well, I am quite sure oleo was cheaper than butter, and only butter was available in Wisconsin stores and restaurants – by state law. I just remember getting excited any time there was a family trip planned, even if it was just the oleo run! After all, there might just happen to be a restaurant stop included – although this was before McDonald’s and all the others, so our choices were limited. Isn’t it fun to reminisce?

    • Sarah says:

      I am completely enjoying and learning from all of you reminiscing! I find all of the stories so interesting. I wonder if I tried to feed my child oleo, what would be her reaction? I can not even imagine trying to explain to the children of today’s society that we need to ration. What a struggle that would be! Wow!!

      • Take my word for it, Sarah, you would not like the oleo I helped to knead out of its white lard look. It is so important that we not forget history. I just listened to an hour of Obama speaking at the American University in D.C. urging that the Iranian nuclear deal be approved by Congress. He continued his push to seal the deal, framing a congressional vote on lifting sanctions as either a vote for war or for peace. The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects the notion that a vote against the deal is a vote for war, “It will spark a nuclear arms race in the region, and it would feed Iran’s terrorism and aggression that would make war, perhaps the most horrific war of all, far more likely.” Obama lost me entirely when he said that Iran’s hard liners (the ones who chant death to America and death to Israel) are in line with the Republican caucus. ?!#!? It’s difficult to follow all the pros and cons of this deal, but I think I’m more in line with Netanyahu – for Israel this is a life or death issue.

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